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Articles & Essays from Various Web Sites
(in chronological order):

"Electric Symbols: Internet Words and Culture" (6/2002)

"Islam as Medium Cool?" (12/2001)

"Putting Symbols Into Battle" (11/2001)

"Maximum Darkness" (10/2001)

"Gambling Alone" (10/2001)

"The Long Birth of Psychohistory" (8/2001)

"Electric Place" (7/2001)

“The Faint Light In The Darkness” (7/2000)

“The Search For A Symbol” (6/2000)

"Friendly Persuasion: The Growing Ubiquity of Advertising" (5/2000)

“Friendly Persuasion: The Postmodern Ubiquity Of Advertising” (5/2000)

“The Medium and the Light” (10/99)

“Hidden Medium of the Modern Workplace” (7/99)

“The Palace of Illusion” (5/99)

“The Symbolism of Popular Culture” (4/99)

“The Symbolism of UFOs and Aliens” (6/98)

“The Subliminal Persuasion of Contact” (10/97)

“Symbolism of the Psychoanalytic Movement” (9/95)

(Note: A number of our articles in leading publications are no longer online due to companies collapsing their Web sites. This mainly applies to our articles in the defunct Industry Standard. We will be posting these on Symbolism.Org in the near future.)

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