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Battle of Symbols

Battle of Symbols:
Global Dynamics of Advertising, Entertainment & Media

(Note: While this book was not written in a linear manner, the end product is linear. Sections stand pretty much alone and can be understood outside of the overall context of the book. But those inclined can read the below in a linear manner by following the numbers which represent chapters of the book. We do suggest that site visitors read the Preface Introduction first for an overview of the book’s goal.)

Preface & Introduction

1. Mustering the Troops

5. The American Recuperation of Symbols

5. Civilizations As Symbols

5. Emerging Symbol of Islam

5. Emerging Symbol of the West

5. Trance of Symbols

5. Spread of American Symbols

5. Nations As Symbols

5. Symbol City of the Global Economy

5. Islam As Medium Cool

6. Place Vs. Space

6. Relative Vs. Absolute

6. Traditional Symbol Dualities

7. Electricity & Christianity

8. Contemporary Symbol Alignments

8. Generations & Global Alignment

9. Marshall Bush & The Duke

10. Return of Singing Toilet Bowls

10. The Campfires of Brands

11. Television As Weapon

11. From Planes to Mail

11. Symbols of the Night

11. One Way Transmission

11. Is the Hollywood Symbol Big Enough?

13. Understanding Symbols

13. Introversion & Small Symbols

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