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Symbolism of Place

Symbolism of Place:
The Hidden Context of Communication

"A well thought out piece tracing the importance and potency that place symbolism has in communications. What is detailed in an academic fashion herein Hollywood became aware of in the late 40s or earlier when they closed down their studios and realized that they must turn the whole countryside into their studio. This is a fine exploration and examination. A most interesting piece of work."

Nelson Thall, Director of Research
Marshall McLuhan Center for Global Communications

"John Fraim is an engaging writer, with genuinely important insights into modern life and culture. Symbolism of Place is sure to be a major publishing event."

Mel Faber
Professor of English Literature Emeritus
University of British Columbia

"John Fraim’s Symbolism of Place succeeds in fulfilling a very ambitious vision - to understand the psychological, dramatic, and cultural significance of place in the stories we tell and the stories we watch closely in film, television, and advertising. He establishes highly original uses of analytic psychology and unique research methods that permit him to monitor cultural changes, and he offers his insights with fine narrative skill. The book is truly excellent."

Donald Williams
Training Analyst, Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts
Founding Editor of The Jung Page

"John Fraim’s book about the vocabulary and syntax of 'place,' and how these are used by the popular media, comes on the heels of several other works concerned with the communication value of place, space and territorial borders. It is curious, but not serendipitous, that such works are appearing just as our rootedness in physical places and communities is being eroded by the mass media and emerging digital technologies. So Fraim offers readers a powerful reminder of the symbolism of place – that communication invariably takes place in context, and that physical context takes on powerful semiotic features across communication media and genres. Fraim masterfully blends Jungian psychology, semiotics, and popular culture studies to make his argument, offering readers - those of us on the receiving end of mass messages, and related messages - a path out of cynicism and conventional media criticism, to informed analysis and insight."

Stuart J. Sigman, Ph.D. Dean
School of Communication, Management & Public Policy, Emerson College
Consulting Editor, The GreatHouse Company

"John Fraim’s Symbolism of Place is a veritable feast for the mind and heart! A must-read for all storytellers for the screen, page or crackling campfire!"

Lew Hunter, Former Chairman
UCLA Screenwriting Department

(Note: While this book was not written in a linear manner, the end product is linear. Sections stand pretty much alone and can be understood outside of the overall context of the book. But those inclined can read the below in a linear manner by following the numbers which represent a sequence of the book. We do suggest that site visitors read "The Hidden Context" first for an overview of the book’s goal.)

1. The Hidden Context

2. Natural Places

3. Cultural Places

4. Place of Time

5. Space of Place

6. Place of Phenomena

7. Place of Elements

8. Alignment of Place

9. Movement of Place

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